Chart Track NavLog

Centralized Awareness for Ship and Shore

NavLog provides an extensive and ever-growing list of digital logbooks, to replace the traditional paper logbooks. With NavLog, the logbooks are always neatly filled in, with a clear record of who made which changes. A multiple user level interface helps to control who makes which changes exactly.

Logbooks stored in NavLog can be synchronized with a shore side server, allowing the head offices to view the contents of the logbooks nearly instantly. This can also be done offline, by sending the data shore side with other means than a direct internet connection.

Save on costs of shipping logbooks to your vessels and gain better insight and situational awareness in every situation with NavLog.

Flag approved

Navlog is currently approved under following flags:

Please note some flag states require a letter from the Shipping Company before they can approve electronic records books being used on board the vessels registered under their flag.

Egypt: As per the Egyptian Authority for Maritime Safety senior inspector, electronic log books are allowed on board vessels.
Note: given the absence of established regulations for digital lob books, paper versions are still required for inspections. This applies to vessels under both Egyptian and Foreign flags.


Continuous support and innovation

At Chart Track we find it important that our products are easy to use and innovation is used for the benefit the end-user. Whether that is by direct support to the vessel, user-interface optimization or providing our users with clear user manuals and quick guides, we value your feedback and strive to assist our Chart Track users swiftly and efficiently.

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Check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements*

Minimum system requirements for NavReader installation:
Operating system: Windows 10 Service Pack 1 or later
Memory: 4 GB available RAM
CPU: 2 GHz processor or faster
Hard drive: 2 Gb free disk space

*Don't meet the minimum system requirements?
Ask us about CT-NavPack, our hardware solution with pre-installed software package!

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