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Chart Track EASYNAV has been designed to allow mariners to plan routes with ease, which ensure the safety of the vessel, efficient navigation and the protection of the marine environment.

The software allows Digital ENC updates to be received, along with Piracy, AIO and weather updates, on the back of bridge which can be transferred to the ECDIS.

Simple function keys and an advanced graphical design ensures an intuitive and user friendly interface. The user interface has been developed for full touch screen compatibility.

Continuous support and innovation

At Chart Track we find it important that our products are easy to use and innovation is used for the benefit the end-user. Whether that is by direct support to the vessel, user-interface optimization or providing our users with clear user manuals and quick guides, we value your feedback and strive to assist our Chart Track users swiftly and efficiently.

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*Don't meet the minimum system requirements?
Ask us about CT-NavPack, our hardware solution with pre-installed software package!

Check if your computer meets the minimum system requirements*

Minimum system requirements for Navigator 3/Navigator + installation:
Operating system: Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later
CPU: 2 GHz processor or faster
Memory: Minimum: 4 Gb RAM
Recommended: 8Gb RAM
Hard drive: Minimum: 20 Gb free disk space
Recommended 40Gb free disk space
Media: USB 2.0
Screen resolution:   1024x768 pixels

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